For nearly 20 years, we at Hot Press have served the framing, photographic and print presentation markets with a wide range of premium laminating films, mounting adhesives and substrates. While our greatest claim to fame is undoubtedly the Hot Press vacuum press itself, we think our hands-on technical support and legendary customer service is what truly sets us apart.

For people who are charged with handling other people's precious artwork, it is reassuring to know that the Hot Press range has everything to offer for perfects results – every time. Our presses are widely regarded as the industry standard for the picture framing industry, and our high quality tissues offer the kind of “peace of mind” that you want from a mounting system.

For anyone who is producing their own printed work - a laminator or press system – will enhance the possibilities for print presentation. Whether it is coating inkjet canvases for the ultimate in protection and ease of cleaning, or producing stunning acrylic blocks – Hot Press has all the equipment and materials to take your prints to the next level.

For those who use the services of a professional photo lab, bringing the “print finishing” part of the process “in house” can save a fortune. Many Pro Labs use Hot Press materials – so you can achieve the same stunning results at your studio for a fraction of the price and experience the ultimate level of control over your work.

Hot Press also provides free training schools and educational materials to offer support to our customers at every stage of the print presentation process. Take a look at our product range, and you will be amazed at just how easy it is to start “turning pictures into profits”.

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